Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fried Burro Bananas

Fried Burro Bananas (seriously- these are amazing) - by now you've figured i don't post unless something particularly rocks my boat. Laurie and I have had these burro bananas a few times now, and each time we're just so stoked that we're eating desert for dinner. Laurie said it well tonite "The perfect combination of sweet, salty, and crunchy."  They're super easy! But first WE GOTTA TALK ABOUT THE GAMES!!!
With 2nd place finisher Matt Chan and Chris Spealer
People bash Crossfit here and there, perhaps because there's a hint of arrogance (Glassman's defenses of his Hope poster as an example) and some goofiness, but i have to tell you, my Games experience in Carson was extraordinary and borderline surreal. If you don't know, i competed in the Master's Division 50-54. All those dudes were super cool.  Ironically, the very first guy i met, Pete Ryder from Crossfit Dunidin in New Zealand, tied me for 3rd place in overall points but he won the tie breaker based on pervious event finishes and he stood on the podium instead of me.  All the same, he was super cool and a great sport.  I'm sure we'd be best friends if we weren't continents apart.  Regarding the more well known faces of crossfit, I had a chance to chat with Adrian Bozeman - the dude was friendly and professional. I had a short chit chat with Pat Sherwood - exactly the same friendly, genuine guy you see on the camera.
Spealer & young fan -  by Laurie
 I saw how Annie and Spealer interacted with their fans - nothing but gratitude.  Shook hands with Spealer - no attitude with that guy.  Just a cool dude.  The place was PACKED with super friendly, super fit, crossfitters. And of course all the athletes were spoiled with AC tents, food, gear, chiros, PTs, dinners, you name it - UNBELIEVABLE.   So PEOPLE - if you dig crossfit and fitness, the GAMES is the place to be.  As usual, i'm just super stoked to be a part of it and it was surreal walking around with "the fittest on earth". It's SO much work preparing for the Open, then doing the OPEN, then preparing for the GAMES.  Leading up to it, i wondered if i'd want to do it again.  Looking back, if there's any chance in hell for me to get back (which there is!), then i'm on it.  Want to know how much time i took off? 1 day (and that's probably the day i bought a few hundred pounds of concrete to make atlas balls).

Burro Bananas (or ripe plantains)
Smoked Paprika
Pink Himalayan Salt
Coconut Oil  I got this from Tropical Traditions - they sent it to me to check out.  Honestly, i was a little suspicious of their 2 for 1 promotions etc but it's certainly as good as any other i've tried.  If you order by clicking on that link, and you've not ordered from them before, you get a free book on Virgin Coconut oil, and i get a discount coupon (talk to me later about kick-backs :)

This is easy stuff.
Burro Bananas
Get yourself some Burro Bananas.  They look like this.  If you can't find burros, get plantains.  Here's the important part - they need to be ripe, not green.  We're not adding any sweetness.  1 per person is enough.  Slice them about as thin as you reasonably can and pan fry in the coconut oil.  When they're nice and brown, sprinkle with smoked paprika and cinnamon.  Lastly, sprinkle with the pink himalayan salt - why pink himalayan salt? - because it's made from monk piss, which has essential minerals.  Eat Well!  Steve Paleo


  1. Yum! I'm totally trying these. And congrats on a great performance!

  2. Wow! Your blog is great!! Love the food ideas and photos!!! Please do more!!!