Monday, November 16, 2009

Paleo Pumpkin Pie

If you're serious about eating PZ over the holidays, here's a super simple, practically LAZY, recipe that really tastes pretty good. It literally takes 10 minutes of mixing, etc. and 1 hour to cook. But first, a little something on fats. When starting this pumpkin pie, I wanted to prove that I could make it part of a PZ meal - totally balanced. My first thought was I better go lean on the fats and carbs because the pumpkin pie would have a nut "crust"(quite generous calling it a crust btw - don't let your expectations get inflated ;-), egg yolks, and lots of pumpkin. So I bought turkey breast and some summer squash... and well here ya go...
Healthy right? Well actually, by itself, that's a screwed up meal!! 20 minutes from eating it, i'd be looking for that turkey's brother! There's barely any fat in it. We all have gotten so brainwashed into thinking we have to eliminate all fats. Reminds me of an old friend, Al Menna, then and current owner, of Gold's Gym in Santa Cruz, CA. Al, one of the strongest guys I know, used to tease me for picking all the fat off my plate, and I would tease HIM for eating ALL the fat on his plate. He probably knew something I didn't at the time - specifically, if you work out like a mad-man, which he did, and does, then fat is a great (i'll even go so far as to say "preferred") way to get those extra calories. It's so counter intuitive, I just have to keep saying it over and over. BUT, you better be working out like crazy and/or at your optimal body weight. If you're just crossfitting 4 days a week, and your second workout is walking the dog, well, back to 30:40:30. You be the judge. Here's the breakdown on that meal (steamed veggies)
Hard to believe that meal is so lean? Go to the store and buy some plain old turkey breast - it is SUPER lean, as is most white fish. It's very easy to short change yourself on fats. This is my only issue with Zone - the assumption that 1.5 gm fat is buried in each block of protein. It might be true for the "average" protein source, but if you're focused on lean protein sources, it might not be true. Now what if I add 1/6 of the pumpkin pie? hmmm.... almost looks like someone planned that out ;-)

OK enough of the preaching already. Even if you wash lights, darks, and wools all together, like I do, this pumpkin pie STILL won't be too much work for you.

Paleo Pumkin Pie
15 oz can solid pack pumpkin
2 eggs
1/2 Cup Agave
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon ginger
1/3 Cup Ground Almonds
8 Pecan Halves

Mix up everything but the nuts in 1 bowl. Spread the ground almonds out into the pie pan. Gently pour mixture into pan and add pecan halves on top. Cook for 45-60 min at 350F (watch it - i put foil on top half way thru to make sure nothing burns). Check by inserting toothpick or butter knife - should come out clean. Now come on, you're not gonna impress Grandma with this recipe, but this is what i'll be eating :D

5 Block Meal:
4 oz turkey
8 oz zuke
1 tsp olive oil (to saute turkey and zuke)
1/6 of the pumpkin pie above

One more thing - if you're gonna let the carbs go a little on Thanksgiving but U still wanna keep it paleo, make this side dish.... Peel some sweet potatoes (we call the orange ones "yams" but apparently that's not really correct), chop them up and saute in olive oil. When well browned, add maple syrup (or agave) and cinnamon and keep the heat on for another 5 or 10 minutes. I eat this all the time and it's really good.

Enjoy the holidays, and if you are in need of a customized PZ eating plan, with balanced meals like the one above, or general guidance, email me: I'll do what i can to help you out.

Eat Well! Steve "Paleo"