Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cutting Loose with Bison-Kale and the Norcal Margarita

I've been eating variations of this meal for awhile - time to share! But first, a little education. People often ask "Where do I get my calcium when eating this paleo scam?" The answer of course, is the same place cows get it - greens - unless you're just jamming them full of grains which is a whole udder topic. So, how much calcium IS in greens? Well, oz for oz, there's more calcium in kale than milk. Ya ya, 8 oz of kale would be impressive, but you see my point. Eat lots of dark greens and you'll be fine.

OK... on to the recipe..This is a completely balanced 5 block meal that cooks in 9 minutes flat.

5 oz bison (I used Great Range sirloin steak)
2 oz kale - chopped
6 oz garnet yams - chopped ( be lazy and don't peel it )
2 mushrooms - sliced
small handful of diced red onion.
1 Tablespoon coconut oil

Get a big skillet on the stove - good and hot - put the coconut oil in it. When that's hot, add the yams. Keep flipping and after 4 minutes, add mushrooms and onions. After a couple more minutes, push to the side and add kale and bison. Bison is SO lean, you barely want to cook it. Keep pan covered now but every 45 seconds, uncover and stir. Spices - i like celery salt and lemon pepper. Ready in 9 minutes... enjoy!

Now.. what you've been waiting for.. i've yet to find a paleo nut that doesn't appreciate this margarita and since beer effs me up these days, this IS the beverage of choice.I first heard of the norcal margarita from Robb Wolf's Podcast which I highly recommend. Here's the "recipe"..

juice of 1 lime
2 shots tequila
diet tonic water*

* he prolly didn't call this out but it makes a huge difference to me (ya there's artificial sweetener in that stuff - but hell, it's an alcoholic beverage!) Oh, one last thing, don't be cheap. Get the good stuff for crying out loud - cuz gawd knows you're saving on health care and the recipes are free ;-)
Eat Well! Steve "Paleo"


  1. Thank you, Steve. I love your recipes.

  2. You can do club soda in the norcal instead of tonic water and then there's no sweetener, artificial or otherwise. That's what I do.

    Love the photo of smiley Bear with the Don Julio! Looks like an endorsement to me.

  3. Looks yummy - so colorful! I'm with ya on the top-shelf tequila. The cheap stuff lands me on the floor feeling like shit pretty quick. :(

  4. Steve once again you deliver, nice work looks super awesome,

  5. @ Amy - good input.. i just prefer the "zing" in tonic water.
    @ primalpainter - figures an artist would appreciate the colors! .. and ya, i've yet to suffer from 100% agave tequila, which is good AND bad ;-)
    @Jeremy - you are welcome! love that bison!

  6. Awesome Recipe, I have a great bison meatloaf recipe I'd like to share if your interested with homemade organic tomato sauce recipe included as a "bonus"...

  7. K - please share! Thank you. I don't have a good meatloaf recipe.....

  8. This recipe looks incredibly good! It inspired me to have some beef with kale and squash tomorrow! :D

    I like dry white wine for an alcoholic beverage. It's quite low-carb and fits into Paleo, I think. Red wine is also fine.

  9. I served this margarita at a party this weekend (added just a touch of agave syrup, a la Tim, to sweeten a bit) and it was a HUGE hit. Everyone loved the slight fizziness, tartness and teeny bit of sweetness (as compared to the overly sweet margs). Thanks Steve!

  10. You are welcome July! I polished off a couple of those myself this weekend! BTW - i made your paleonola recently. I love it!

  11. Oh glad you liked it! I had to adjust that recipe since some of the nuts I was using were less dense (pecans, walnuts, etc.) tended to burn at 350 for 20 minutes. Now I bake it for about the same time, maybe a little less, at 300. Turns out perfect every time.

    Tequila, ugh. Yeah, we "cut loose" this weekend and I'm now back on the dry-out plan with a vengeance. Nothing like 100 pullups, 100 pushups, 100 20" stick jumps and 100 kettlebell swings to make me think I ought to lay off that stuff for awhile! :)

  12. Love the recipes. Please keep em coming!

  13. Hello Steve, im trying to email you but it says there isnt a match for the email. any help with this or is there an alternate email. thank you.

  14. Just made this last night. Perhaps the best, most simple dinner I've had in a while. Thanks for the recipe, Steve. WIll surely be a staple.

  15. I am new to Paleo (switching my diet over to better accommodate allergies) and have had a tough time finding bison locally (I live in Seattle). The bison I did find was 19.99/lb and I was wondering if that was an average price or crazy high like I felt it was. Also is the bison preferable because its a leaner meat?

    I'm still in the 'learning/assimilating' phase and any advice or tips would be great.

  16. Nerissa - try if you don't want to get "gored" ;-)

  17. Q-tonic makes a tonic sweetened with agave and made with real quinine. You can find it at your healthfood store. It is so delicious, you'll never want the fake sweetened one again

  18. Hey Steve, you HAVE to try it with GolferAID! Fill pint glass to top with ice. Add 1.5oz Tequila, the rest GolderAID, stir well and a squeeze of lime! Presto, the Golferita! It tastes amazing, is paleo friendly and no artificial mumbo jumbo.