Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cashew Curry Halibut

1st - let's talk cashews - Not paleo right? Because even when they're labeled raw, they've actually been "cooked" or steamed out of the shell. This is a way of avoiding contaminating the nut with urishol (that NASTY stuff that happens to also bless poison oak). Well i call Bull. 1st, i know of people who SUCK on poison oak leaves to gain immunity (don't try this at home). Second, you can buy them right here: www.therawfoodworld.com and they are ACTUALLY raw. So if someone tells you ALL cashews are cooked or would otherwise be toxic, and therefore NOT paleo, tell them they're full of twinkies because it's just NOT true. No one can prove stone age man ever ate cashews but lots of people don't even get poison oak, so it's imaginable to me that they could have been eaten by stone age people. And NO, I didn't use the REAL raw ones, mine were steamed out of the shell, but hell, I also cooked the halibut - so there! :-)
2nd- this meal will emphasize the zone portion of paleo-zone. Got the Crossfit Games coming up and I want to be just a little leaner. I know from experience that if i exactly zone the meal, the lean will come, and fast. Sadly, this is the 3rd time i've made this meal and the first time I got the scale and calculator out. Ouch! I've been a little lenient on the fat lately - not this time.
3rd - Halibut. I've eaten A LOT of halibut in my day - used to hunt them with a speargun. Only recently did i start buying them again. Do your best to get it from a reputable place. My last purchase was terrible - just as i was trying to impress - so now i'm gonna be really picky. Tonight's was yummy. Halibut is pretty lean - so it allows a coconut sauce splurge. It's also relatively low on the "contaminated fish" list http://www.arhp.org/publications-and-resources/quick-reference-guide-for-clinicians/fish-and-health/evidence. I weighed it out this time and realized given the chance, i probably eat TWICE as much as I should to get 35 gm protein. Again, get the dang scale out, and risk getting heckled by your family. Otherwise, you will not be eating zone proportions. Remember, your body is a drug factory responding to the foods you put in it. Every 4-5 hours there's a drug run. Don't be a victim.

This is a 5 block paleo-zone meal. Scale appropriately.

Cashew Curry Halibut
6 oz Halibut 35 gm P, 4 gm F
1/2 oz "Raw" Chopped Cashews 6 gm F , 4 gm C
1/4 Cup Coconut Milk (organic available at Whole Foods) 8g F, 2 gm C
1-1.5 teaspoon curry paste (red or green)

6 oz Organic Cauliflower (prepared like Cauliflower "Rice" - see previous post) 9 gm C
(except - just fry with olive oil spray)
6 oz Organic Broccolini 11 gm C
4 oz Sliced Mango 19 gm C
Chopped Cilantro for garnish

Combine cashews, coconut milk, and curry paste in a small pan - turn heat on low.
Have your favorite person peel and slice the mango - arrange on plates.
Get the "paleo rice" going - I just added curry powder and a little cayenne pepper. Remember - microwave first.
Cook the halibut on the grill or in the oven - no added oil. But i spray the grill with olive oil.
Steam the Broccolini - It's pretty fast so get the water going and when the halibut is 1/2 done, throw the broccolini in.

If you're "lucky", everything will be done about the same time. I added a tablespoon of water to the sauce to thin it out a bit before putting over the halibut and broccolini.

Enjoy the meal - i think it has a nice "Thai" taste to it. Steve "Paleo"


  1. Thanks for the info on cashews Steve. I love them but have been avoiding them due to them allegedly not being paleo, but what you say makes sense. I get all kinds of grief at work about what cavemen would/wouldn't eat so any extra ammo is good for me. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to try this one - Halibut is such a meaty fish! Mmmmmm. By the way< I've lost 21lbs and 6% bodyfat so far. Good luck with the qualifiers, I hope to do that one day.

  2. You're welcome! This IS the way to get lean and keep your muscle. BTW, qualifiers are over (i didn't qualify), but there are 100 affiliate teams from CF boxes all over that will compete against each other - i'm going for that representing Flatirons Crossfit in Boulder. Can't wait! gonna be fun.

  3. Hey Steve, first: that dish looks flip'n awesome! Yumm, makes me hungry!

    Secondly: can't wait to see you again! Best of luck at the games, no doubt you'll represent CO well!

  4. Hey Steve,
    Doh! Sorry about that. Should check my dates. The good luck extends to the affiliate comp anyway. Just love the cauliflower "rice". Keep up the good work.

  5. where do you get your curry paste? I have had the hardest time finding curry paste without salt...

  6. Mine curry paste has salt in it - don't know if it comes without salt. I don't salt my food a lot nor do i reject adding it. I figure, if any cavemen lived near the ocean, they may have licked a rock now and then ;-)

  7. Awesome recipe... Great idea with the "paleo rice" - i'll definitely be trying that out.

    What you said about poison oak is totally bunk though. Sucking or otherwise exposing yourself to urishol is not going to get anyone immunity. Even people with immunity can easily lose it after repeated exposure. The oils invoke an immune response... Once the exposure reaches a certain threshold, any additional exposure will result in worsening immune responses.


  8. Hey Steve,

    How critical is the microwave? I've been doing a version (albeit unsophisticated) most of my adult life (44 years). With that, microwaves just give me the "willies." Can't explain it. Just do like em. Have you got a way around using them?

  9. I wouldn't say the microwave is critical at all - just leave more time to fry the cauliflower. Maybe even cover/steam a bit.