Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sole w/Apples 'n Bacon

OK - I have to give credit to Neanderthin for pointing out that you can actually fry apples in bacon fat and not feel guilty about it. First time I did it I was embarrassed - I mean WHO eats like this? I don't do it often, but it's a real treat once in awhile and I love the fact that you can eat this way and still be in control of your cholesterol - who would have known?

This recipe "works" because sole is quite low fat and pig is not. Since the goal is a balanced meal - 30% Protein, 30 % Fat, 40% Carb - the bacon serves to offset the low fat sole. Any other white fish would probably do - Rockfish, Pacific Snapper, even Halibut. The apple balances out the carbs so you don't have to eat a pound of broccoli - daunting.

•6 oz Wild Caught Dover Sole (I found it at Nob Hill)
•4 oz Sliced Leeks
•4 oz Sliced Mushrooms (shitake if you can)
•5 oz Sliced Apple (I used Gala)
•2 Slices uncured bacon
•5 oz Broccoli
•Celery Salt & Lemon - salt is not paleo but i cheat a little..

•Begin to steam the broccoli by itself.
•Fry the bacon and remove from pan. Discard about 1/3 the fat and divide remaining fat into separate pans.
•Combine leeks and mushrooms and saute in bacon fat. Add apples after several minutes (don’t overcook). Chop up the bacon and throw it into this pan near the end.
•Cook sole in other pan. Add celery salt. Squeeze lemon juice over fish and cover to help with cooking.
....combine and serve.

For the Zoners, this is a balanced 5 block meal. Scale it up or down for more people or less blocks. The fat could be a little off but who cares? You don't get fat eating fat. You get fat eating carbohydrates. I hope you like it.

Next Week - Rhubarb Pepper Salmon - you will die for this one. Round two is happening tonight. Had to make adjustments to get the right Pro-Fat-Carb balance.

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  1. That looks soooooo yummy! Got to try it, and soon! I just bought white fish, perfect timing.