Sunday, September 13, 2009

How to make your own paleo meal-in-a-bag

Here's how you can make your own Paleo Fast-Food ;-)

Ingredients for a 4 block "meal":
4 oz of Free Range Bison turned into jerky (oh ya that's a Quarter LB of bison!)

Dried Bananas ~ 15 gm - WF sells them with nothing added. Go online too.
Dried Cherries ~ 10 gm - no sugar or sulfites.
Dried Mulberries ~ 10 gm - no sugar or sulfites. They are mild, slightly sweet, high in fiber.
Raw Almonds and Pecans ~ 12 gm (Costco baby!)
Gooseberries ~ 5 gm no sugar or sulfites. They are tart, sweet, and VERY expensive. They are also known as golden berries or incan berries. $24/lb at Whole Foods - not kidding.
Cacao Nibs ~ 5 gm no sugar or preservatives. This may be a debatable paleo food but you can eat it raw (in fact this IS raw), and it is 100% natural. Oh ya, maybe i should explain what it IS - this is what's used to make chocolate. They're broken up cacao "beans" - but BTW, they are technically seeds. I've been adding it to cookies and meats (believe it or not) It's kind of a nutty chocolate taste and is more dense in antioxidants than any other food - blueberries, acai berries, pomegranate - U name it.

Here's what everything looks like spread out.

Where do ya get this stuff? Get together with your buddies, sisters, whatever, and order top-round bison from There's lots of recipes for jerky. Replace the sugars with agave and maple syrup, replace the soy sauce with sea salt - about 1-2 tsp per lb of meat, and ramp the spices up a bit to account for the fact that the soy is gone. You can make it in the oven, lots of internet tips on that, or buy a cheapo dehydrator for ~$60.00. You'll have to pool your resources on the other ingredients too but a good one-stop shop is Bounce around the net for a bit and you'll find everything you need. The vacuum sealer is the bummer. The good commercial ones are expensive. But, you can go to Costco and buy the home ones. They work pretty good but you have to fight your way into the bag - no challenge for a caveman though right? Good Luck! Steve


  1. Steve, I love your Blog and I've tell everyone here who is doing Paleo to check out your Blog. (We have a LOT of our clients here at CFWSC doing Paleo!) We all miss you, Steve! Nicole and I can't wait to see you again and do a workout with you! :)

    Hope you are well, my friend. :)


  2. J-Dog! Good to hear from you buddy! All's well out here in Boulder land! The bison are running scared ;-) Check back soon! Cacao Nib Pork Chops just around the corner! Will look you and Nicole up next time I'm out 4sure! Eat Well!

  3. Steve,

    Catherine from CrossFit Verve here... We're starting a Paleo challenge on Monday. Due to my job (or lack thereof) is there a suggestion you can make for the apparently diamond encrusted gooseberries you suggest in your paleo snack pack?